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About Us

Digital Nomads


We’re a team of digital nomads from around the world who want to share our experiences of the location independent lifestyle.

Our mission is to provide information and advice about working remotely. We want to share our knowledge to everyone who aspires to become a successful digital nomad.

Our vision is to help people from all walks of life to achieve their travel goals and to realize that the digital nomad dream can become a reality. With a little hard work anyone can travel the globe while earning an income. NOMADO wants to see them succeed.


Becoming a digital nomad isn’t that difficult if you know exactly what it is and how to actually start out on the path to be an online entrepreneur. Once you’ve made the career choice and set all your targets you can then start to achieve and believe.

Here at NOMADO we’ve supplied our readers with many informative articles about how to actually become a digital nomad and provided advice about some of the best jobs available on the digital market. Also, we make sure to update our blog with important and interesting information and our own advice about the remote working life.

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