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3 Best Websites For Starting Your Online Print-On-Demand Store

The world of Print On Demand (POD) are attracting many new entrepreneurs from all over the globe, some comes with business or marketing background, some with graphic design skills, some with both and sometimes some with none. Luckily for you this useful post will explain you exactly how to start (and hopefully succeed) your own online store to sell merch and POD products. We will share with you 3 essential websites that will provide you all the tools and sources to do it today. Or even now...

Unlike the different platforms that we discussed about at Websites to Start Your Online Apparel Store For Free, owning your own store means you have FULL control over your store, on the visitors, deciding what products you are selling, marketing options, SEO possibilities and much more.

The 3 Websites You Need For Starting Your Online POD Store:

First you need to choose which products you want to sell and the right place that will manufacture and ship your products. You can feel free to browse around online and read about all the different platforms and options out there, here we recommend a service that we have been using and know from first experience about the its credibility.

We recommend going with Printful.com as your POD service. Though you can find pros and cons in every case, Printful advantages (such as the big variety of quality products, useful customer service, big number of integration options and an easy-to-use interface) place it as a popular platform for many POD sellers.

Printful allows you to sell your graphics and designs on a large range of products; from the popular and common T-shirts, tanks tops, hoodies, hats and other apparel items, all the way to wall art and framed posters. You can see the entire product catalog here.

After you saw and had idea, might even decided, which products to sell, it's now time to figure out which platform to use it on. Printful integrates with all the main e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy and many others.

Shopify is one of the leading and most reliable eCommerce platforms. The Canadian-based company provides top end management interface with full range of control over all aspects in your store, like products’ management, receiving payments, integration with different services and platforms and many more capabilities.

You should go ahead and sign for 14 days free trial just to understand what we are talking about. See if it works for you and your plans. Might be that other website will be the one you want, but you cannot choose an ecommerce platform without at least checking Shopify first.

If you need help and guidance to set up your store, Shopify also made some sort of Shopify Academy (that's how it's named it) for help you build and grow a profitable business. You should check it out here if you need some more info.

As we said at the beginning, not all of us are coming with graphic design skills or own good enough designs to print on your products. That's where Blue Penguin Graphics come in :)

In order to start selling your products, your first and foremost attention should be to create attracting and/or relevant items for your audience. Some sellers go with the common themes of unicorns and pirates (for example), and some choose to break-through and create their own brand and creative identity. Either way, having high quality designs on your products is a MUST. You, as the store owner, shouldn’t compromise about it. Not only it will increase your revenue, it will also prevent lots of time-consuming handling with unsatisfied clients.

If you wish to know what are the popular graphics people sell these days, make sure to check Blue Penguin Graphics' Popular Graphics Collection.

These are the first 3 steps/websites you need for starting your very own online Print-On-Demand store. If you have further questions or comments make sure to leave in the comments section below!

Source: Blue Penguin Graphics

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

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