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Affiliate Marketing Can Kickstart Your Career As A Digital Nomad

Affiliate marketing can create a great source of income whilst you travel the world as a digital nomad. Being an affiliate has many benefits, and it’s one of our favorite ways to make money online. Best of all it’s the sort of income that can be classed as passive, and whilst you earn, you’re actually helping other people with their business. Different entrepreneurs from around the globe are all trying to make it online, but they sometimes need the help of others to market and showcase their products and services. So, becoming an affiliate marketer is a win-win situation for all concerned. You, as an affiliate receive a commission on any sales you make, the entrepreneur gets paid and the consumer enjoys the product / service they receive. What better way to earn money online?

There are so many products and service that you could upsell online to make your crust, and to help with you with your travel aspirations. Many digital nomads are constantly working with others to help them sell what they have created to the consumer. Affiliate marketing is now considered a multi-million-dollar industry with growing opportunities arising on a yearly basis. And you, too, can enjoy the benefits of becoming an affiliate as you continue your remote working career. Learning how to earn money online via product sales and advertizing the service of others to the general public is easier than you think.

Firstly, ask the question, what is affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

Research online and you’ll quickly find out that it is the process of promoting products in return for beneficial features, such as commission based and / or discounted rates, etc. you may even be already doing it without realizing that you could be making passive income for doing so. When you create that great post about that awesome product or service that you recently discovered online. You’re basically advertizing it to others for free. Why not make money for doing it? It really is that easy, because anyone with or without experience can do it. There are multiple opportunities for you to start selling products as an affiliate today.

Affiliate marketing works like this, it’s all about recommendations that will help to generate sales. You receive a commission, which is usually a percentage of the overall sale price of the product. It can also be based on a fixed price for each sale you make via your affiliate links. Or, on how much traffic you send to the owners website. It’s all good business with many benefits, because you can simply create an article on your personal blog or business website that promotes the product / service. But you must first sign up as an affiliate marketer. Many different programs are currently available online, so you can join for free and start earning passive income as soon as them sales start kicking. By advertizing the links to the products via your platforms, you’re an affiliate to that program that you’ve enrolled on.

The marketing program will provide you with your own special links with cookies. These links will always track your traffic and any sales that you make, so you’ll be paid as and when the affiliate program states at sign up. Usually the cookies involved will have a timescale though, such as a 30-60 day, so be sure to check your links still work whilst you’re an affiliate for the products and services you’re promoting.

The links can be promoted in many different ways, either via your blog, social media, email marketing, and any other platforms you own, or you’re available to advertize on.

1. Simply sign up for the affiliate programs you wish to promote.

2. Add your affiliate links to your websites / accounts.

3. Your readers / viewers will hopefully click and purchase the products that fits their interest.

4. And, viola, you earn a commission on all the sales you make.

5. Then, you can track you click rates and traffic, and you can also improve your sales rate by creating entertaining articles related to the link by showing the benefits the consumer will receive by purchasing that particular product via your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing can work extremely well for remote workers, especially if they own a blog. Experienced bloggers can earn a massive income from choosing the right programs and products to promote. It’s an awesome way to monetize your blog and start making passive income in 2019. Readers receive the benefits of the products whilst you can sit back and enjoy helping them whilst getting your cut too. Sounds great, huh?

It’s an efficient and very effective way to kickstart your career as a digital nomad, and if you haven’t already, you should consider searching for products to promote as an affiliate marketer today.

Now, you’ll probably ask yourself this question, can I really make money from affiliate marketing?

Well, once you do make your first sale, you’ll realize that there is money to be made in the affiliate game.

So, the answer is 100% yes!

How fast you can make that money will depend on how much you promote the products, how many programs you join, and how you actually advertize them.

The sky is the limit.



Show your viewers / followers the true beneficial features of the products under your wing and on your website, tell them what they’ll gain by purchasing via your affiliate links, and reach for the stars as you kickstart your nomadic marketing campaign in 2019 as a beginner affiliate marketer.

Remote work your way around the world, you awesome digital nomad.

If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to offer your personal opinion about your experience as an affiliate marketer or if you have any questions for our team at NOMADO, then don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts in the comment section & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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