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Best Job Ideas For Digital Nomads

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Do you aspire to travel around the globe while living a digital nomad lifestyle?

Remote work is on the rise and the online job market is rapidly expanding. Global companies are offering independent entrepreneurs flexible hours with high salaries and the chance to work from anywhere. Many travelers today are searching for online opportunities that will help them to succeed and become location independent. But what online jobs are available? What kind of digital nomad careers are viable for those who choose this path?

There are many nomadic job opportunities available online, from the basic freelance job market to the more advanced, full-scale online business. Remote working creates productivity and companies have realized that this is the era of the digital nomad. People from all walks of life now want to be a part of this growing craze that is sure to continue well into the future. They have chosen different career paths that enable them to work from anywhere in the world. Some choose to work from home, but most fulfill their goal to travel while they earn a considerable income from their online activities. In this post we will cover a short list of the career options ideas that are available to these digitally inclined, independent entrepreneurs.


Freelance Writer: The demand for freelance writers is awesome and it is a great way to kick-start your digital nomad career. There are numerous opportunities available in freelance writing with clientele worldwide searching for writers to complete their projects online.

Freelance writing gigs can include:

Content/web writing; content can consist of anything from writing content for personal websites to creating web material for large corporations. The opportunities are endless, and the demand is extremely high. Although salaries can be low at first, content writing is a viable job that can earn a decent income if you persist and work on a regular basis for several clients.

Copywriting; writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing that is engaging and can sell certain products and services is also in high demand. It can pay a decent salary too, if you can gain projects from big brands and businesses. Tech companies usually offer a digital nomad the highest pay per copy material.

Ghost writing; creating paperback and/or eBooks for clientele who wish to self-publish can be a very lucrative digital nomad career choice. Today’s job market is thriving with the emergence of global companies like Amazon and many others offering the chance to become a published Author. It has never been easier to earn an income as a ghost writer and the trade is set to expand in the future with so many people jumping on the self-publishing bandwagon.

Editor/Proof-reader: Editing and proofreading hard or electronic publications while detecting and correcting any errors with spelling and grammar while making sure that all written words flow naturally is quite an easy job to do if you are capable of producing quality work for clientele. With so many people writing their own books nowadays, the demand is constantly rising in this profession.

Blogger/Publisher: Becoming a blogger/publisher is one of the first steps that an independent entrepreneur will take to begin their digital nomad career. The opportunities to earn an income are outstanding. If you own your own blog/website you can create passive income via advertising/affiliate marketing/articles/promotions/reviews/guest posts/sponsored posts, etc. There are also several popular blogging resources and blogger outreach programs that help to connect publishers with online brands who are willing to pay to be featured on blogs/websites. With some estimated 200+ million bloggers worldwide it can be a very competitive workplace but there is money to be made if you can grow your audience and generate a level of traffic that interests the big brands and companies.

Affiliate Marketer: Marketing products and services online via your own websites is a great way to earn a living from passive income. Creating entertaining content related to the products/services for sale that your readers may be interested in and by adding a call to action that may entice viewers to buy can be quite lucrative. There are many affiliate marketing programs online that are free to join, and they offer thousands of products for you to sell. A digital nomad will certainly look to add this form of remote work to their online repertoire.

Social Media Marketer: Marketing via social media platforms can become a fantastic income source. With billions of people in society using social media it is obvious why brands and companies are interested in gaining as much exposure as possible. Social media marketing is the way forward as these online platforms will continue to be a part of our lives well into the future. Companies will continue to search for influencers who will advertise and promote their services.

Customer Service Agent: Remote work like customer service is increasing with companies employing independent personnel to handle customer service queries from anywhere in the world. These companies have realized that it is more productive to employ remote digital workers than to be over-staffed in the office environment. It also helps to reduce business costs therefore becoming a customer service agent is a viable income opportunity.


Author/Self-Publisher: A lot of people including the digitally inclined are turning to self-publishing as a great source of income. There is no need for the rejection from the publishing house these days. You can simply write a book while you travel the world. Becoming a self-published Author is an awesome opportunity for a digital nomad to earn passive income.

Business/Brand Strategist: Helping small brands and businesses with strategies to grow and progress by creating and implementing the building blocks for online growth is a good nomadic career choice. You can create brand strategy concepts from anywhere and it is a trade that can be very lucrative if the brand/business you help breaks into the big time of online success.

SEO Specialist: The digital job market is constantly searching for SEO Specialists. Many website owners need help to get online recognition. Search engine optimization is a growing trend that will continue to grow. It is a fantastic career choice that can be extremely lucrative, and many nomads have taken the SEO Specialist path to maintain the travel lifestyle.

Online Store Owner: Creating an online store to sell products is another option that can build passive income. Platforms like Shopify offer easy to design websites. Many people are selling other companies products and earning commission on each sale.

Photographer: Taking photos of architecture, destinations and landscape scenery while traveling and selling the images to stock photo platforms is a great way to earn extra income. Many travelers have used this option to advance in their digital career.

Web Designer: Designing personal and business websites for others who cannot or simply don’t have the time is another great income source for those who can. Designing a website can be done from anywhere therefore it is a niche that provides the opportunity to be a remote worker.

Online Language Teacher/Translator: Teaching language online or in foreign countries is steadily rising. Many travelers are choosing this path to help them become location independent. By simply being available online via Skype calls and/or course material, there is a decent wage available for language teachers.


Accountant/Bookkeeper: Learning a trade like accountancy is a viable independent career choice. All work can be done online and it is a fantastic opportunity to create the ‘anywhere office’ while traveling the globe.

Graphic Designer: Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography and illustrations. Graphic designers have the potential to earn large salaries by working for global companies. The work can be done remotely, and many graphically talented people have become digital entrepreneurs with this skill.

Animator: An animator is an online artist who creates multiple images and creates motion graphic video clips. Career paths are available in a variety of fields in this profession including television, film, video games and personal or business media.

Online Course Creator/Developer: Developing courses of any kind via platforms like Udemy is one of the best ways a digital nomad can create passive income. The earning potential can be very high indeed. Many digital entrepreneurs have jumped on the online course bandwagon and continue to accumulate funds that helps to pay for their travel.

Mobile App Developer: Mobile app development is an enterprise that is always growing. With advanced technology creating today’s smartphones there is a need for developers who can create interesting and useful applications to match. These apps can be created remotely, and many mobile companies will pay a developer to create new software to entertain their users.

Virtual Assistant: Offering virtual assistance to sole-proprietors and/or companies is another very viable career choice. Most companies have turned to remote virtual assistants to help with productivity and to lower business costs. Salaries can vary depending on the job at hand, but virtual assistance can certainly provide a person with the opportunity to earn while they travel.

Video Editor: Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. It is used to structure and present video information in a way that is intended to entertain. It is a viable path to financial freedom and location independence. The potential for high salaries is possible via large corporations such as in the film industry. Many YouTube users also search for decent video editors to help them with their material.

Software Programmer/Coder: A programmer/coder is a software engineer who create computer software. It is a trade that pays very well and those who have the knowledge can make their fortune via this kind of online activity. Writing code is an art in itself but if you are capable then the possibilities for passive income are endless.

Project management: Building a team of remote workers can be very lucrative and it is a career path many digital nomads are choosing. Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, leading, controlling, motivating and managing resources with a team of online workers to help achieve a projects specific objectives and goals. Having a team of like-minded digital nomads at your disposal can obviously be very lucrative.

Digital nomads are creative innovators who have the potential to become online entrepreneurs by working remotely and by using digital technology. Whatever career path you decide to take. The ultimate aim is to create passive income that will help you to maintain the nomadic lifestyle you enjoy.

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