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How To Protect Your Laptop In A Backpack

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

he most important piece of equipment for the digital nomad is a laptop. Without it, working life can become quite difficult. Completing projects via a smartphone doesn’t always cut it. Therefore a remote worker must know how to protect their laptop when traveling. Most nomads carry their digital technology in a backpack and try their best to protect it at all costs.

However, with traveling a frequent occurrence for digital nomads the possibilities of unwanted damage are endless. So the first step to protect a laptop is to make sure you have purchased accidental damage protection. (ADP) is essential for a nomad and it is offered when you buy or within three months after the initial purchase date. Taking precautions like this will save any extra expense for new equipment.

The best ways to protect your laptop in a backpack are:

Always shut down the laptop before you put it in a backpack: It’s always best to power off completely instead of hibernation or sleep mode. Laptops can overheat when left in a travel bag. Overheating by not shutting down properly will kill your device with no mercy. Keep it cool.

Double check the laptop lid is closed: This will ensure the screen and buttons won’t be damaged by accidental heavy bumps and drops, etc.

Always unplug external devices from the laptop before packing: Removing all devices will protect your USB’s and deter any chance of external device damage such as memory sticks and pay as you go Wi-Fi.

Put the laptop in a protective sleeve: There are numerous laptop packing cases on the market today. Some offer inflatable protection but most are luxury sleeves and cases that are made to fit. Make sure to purchase a product that fits well with the laptop you use for added protection.

Avoid placing the backpack in high temperatures: Overheating can be the main cause of laptop damage. It’s nice to sit in the sun while taking a well-earned break from all that hard work. But be sure to put your backpack in the shade to protect it.

Buy a backpack with added protection from damp conditions: The weather is very unpredictable, alongside high temperature damage there is also the risk of your laptop getting damp or wet. Purchase a backpack that is waterproof or one that offers a water-resistant cover.

Better safe than sorry – Always back up your data: There are many options to back-up your data via USB memory stick and cloud, etc. This should be done on a regular basis before travel and after the event. Imagine the detrimental effect it would have on your business if you lost all your important files and projects. Back-up regularly!

Never lose sight of your backpack or leave it unattended: Rather obvious we know, but you’d be surprised how many nomads fall victim to this. Leaving your laptop and backpack by your seat while buying a cup of coffee can result in its disappearance. We loathe them but they are still there, thieves can be fast and your backpack can be taken as soon as your eyes are diverted. Take precautions by being cautious at all times. Trust nobody!

Choose your backpack carefully: Researching the best backpack for your laptop needs will assure a good product purchase. There are different backpacks on the market that will be perfect for carrying digital technology safely and securely. Choose the right backpack for you and when you do make your choice, always protect it by taking the correct precautions to safeguard your personal property.

If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to offer your personal opinion about how to protect your laptop in a backpack when traveling and remote working, then don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts in the comment section & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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