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Online Course Creation - Great Way To Make Money Online As A Digital Nomad

As digital nomads we must try to find different ways to earn an income from our online activities. We must try to source that income with the least amount of outlay to help us to continue to fund our location independent lifestyles. Online course creation is a great option for remote workers to earn while other people learn. It offers the opportunity for passive income and many entrepreneurs have recognized the value of creating an online course.

Becoming an online course creator isn’t that difficult and it can be done with very little marketing and initial cost. In fact, online courses can be created for free. Plus, the barrier to entry is very low, so anyone with knowledge to pass-on that others may be interested in learning can make money online without the need to speculate to accumulate.

An online course is considered one of the best business’s a digital nomad can create to help fund their travel lifestyle because there are millions of people searching for learning initiatives that will help them to progress and finally reach their own online success.

Here at NOMADO we love to share our experiences and knowledge to other like-minded people who hold the goal of becoming a digital nomad. We want our readers to succeed so in this article we will share what it takes to create, market and manage an awesome online course that will provide you with residual income all year round.

We’ll also cover the following:

· Brainstorming ideas for a great online course that others will enjoy

· Strategies to market, manage and effectively price an online course

· The different platforms to help you create and sell an online course to the public

· A list of popular courses that people ‘WILL’ pay to learn new skills

· Why you should become an online course creator

1: Brainstorming ideas for a killer online course that others will enjoy and learn from is easy. The best ideas will come from knowing the skills that you already possess.

Think about what you are good at.

What are you an authority on?

Can you pass on that knowledge to others?

Will others want to learn your established skills?

Can you create a course based on your authority subject?

Asking yourself a few questions like these will help you to brainstorm some ideas. Think about the bigger picture, don’t just sit there and procrastinate. Attack and implement your ideas and let your creativity go crazy.

Do you have a high number of likes and followers on social media?

Possible online course – How to leverage social media for your blog or business.

Do you write awesome articles for your personal blog?

Possible online course – How to write SEO optimized articles to rank on Google.

Is your blog already monetized?

Possible online course – How to monetize your blog and earn residual income from your passion.

Are you a digital nomad?

Possible online course – How to become a digital nomad and travel while you earn.

With only a few quickfire questions you can start the process of brainstorming some great ideas. If others will enjoy learning from your personal experiences and skills, then you have a good starting point. The biggest misconception when brainstorming is to think that you need to be an expert in each field. If you have enough knowledge about certain subjects you can easily run your own course and earn a healthy income.

2: There are many different strategies to help market your online course and to sell it at the right price. But the main ingredient of an effective online course is the material within. All courses need quality material that helps people to learn efficiently. Ask yourself the following when implementing a strategy:

· What information/material must be included in the course to help showcase your own knowledge of the subject and what will help others to learn the process and realize the value of the course on offer?

· Which way is most effective to learn course participants? e.g. information via text/video/audio, etc.

· The timescale of the course – how much of the course should be available to participants? e.g. a chapter at a time or the full course at once.

· The price of the course – what is the material on offer and your authority knowledge worth to others?

· How should the course be packaged for sale? Lessons/one-on-one coaching/full course package.

Once you decide on the best way to set up the course and the strategy that you wish to use, then you can start to create, price, market and manage it to be effective. Research other courses available online, look at the structure of the course, check out the stats and sales figures, then price the course with passive income in mind. An online course is a product. Think about what price would make your investment worthwhile. What price will the product sell at for it to be a successful launch and to continue to earn you income to live the nomadic lifestyle.

Some important factors to be aware of include:

· Cost

· Competition

· Value

· Viability

· Authority of the material

· Best route to market

Finding the right target market for the course is extremely important. When you know who to sell to, and how to reach them, then surely the product will make sales. Marketing an online course will depend on your initial strategies. Do you have social media accounts and own your own websites/blog? Start selling your product on those platforms first. Maybe your followers/readers want to learn your skills. Create a newsletter to sell your product and implement email marketing in your sales strategy. Other bloggers might advertize your online course via their websites for a small commission on each sale. Paid advertizing can be very effective for little cost outlay. When you start making sales you can offer advantages to help increase those sales. Money back guarantees - discounted or special offers, instalment plans and other strategies can all add to increased sales.

3. There are many platforms where you can create, advertise and sell your course to the public. The most popular websites for course creation and selling the product include:

· Udemy

· 360learning

· Just click

· Easy generator

· Edu. Google

· Teachable

· Eliademy

· Learning revolution

· Podia

· Profitable course creator

4. A short list of the bestselling online course available include:

+ Programming foundations and fundamentals

+. SEO foundations

+ SQL essential training

+ Project management Foundations

+ Excel – Advanced formulas and functions

+ Online marketing foundations

+ Leadership foundations

5. The main reason why you should become an online course creator and sell your skills is because it provides the possibility for passive income. As an online entrepreneur you must search for ways to make money via the internet, and what better way to earn whilst others learn from you, your course and its content. Online course creation will help you to fund the traveling lifestyle that you want to live. The benefits include:

· Passive income

· Networking opportunities

· Upsell potential

· Affiliate marketing

· Highly priced course content

· Scalability of the product

· Low initial set-up costs

· Longevity

Creating your very own online course is easy and the potential for passive income will be extremely beneficial to your progress as a fully-fledged digital nomad.

From everyone here at NOMADO, we wish you the best of luck.

If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to offer your personal opinion about online course creation, then don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts in the comment section & we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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