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Road Trip Essentials

Road trips have found their place as important part of the travel community but also amongst people who would never even dream of trips to foreign countries. Anyone can go for road trip whatever it was around Europe, in America or even in their own city. If you are planning a dreamy road trip with your family or friends, packing the right road trip essentials is necessary. We have listed all the most important road trip essentials you may not be thinking that will make the trip more enjoyable and easier.


We want to start this list of road trip essentials with funny but also life-saving tip. Pack as many snacks as you can! Whatever you are making this road trip with kids or your adult friends, snacks will save you all from unnecessary fights and problems that happen when people are hungry. Hide different types of snacks around the car and take them out if someone seems to need more sugar in their body. In an emergency, for example, if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or all the shops are already closed, you will thank us for this tip.


When you travel or sit long times in a car, you will need something to do. That’s why packing games is always a good idea. You can pack board games that are easy to play after stopping for the night. Or buy games you could play in the car. This makes long drives easier and fun. Sometimes you don’t even have to use a money to buy games to play in the car. Just do some googling and you will find a lot of games to play without actual game board like word games.

Camping Lantern

Think situation where you have just stopped for the night during your road trip and there are no lights around. For situations like this camping, lanterns are perfect. Modern camping lights work like a flashlight. You can hang them on trees if you are camping or around your car. In the case of emergency and if your car shuts down, camping lanterns will make sure everyone can see you and you can easily try to fix your car.


Sometimes sharing car or van with other people will get irritating. After hours of sitting in small space having your own peace for a while feels like a paradise. In a situation like this, headphones are the perfect way to isolate yourself from the world and people sitting next to you. Just listen to music or audio book for a while if you are feeling irritated.

Dual Car Chargers

Next one on our road trip essentials list is perfect for those who travel with electronic devices. With dual car charger, you can load your phone and other electronic devices in a car. We recommend dual car charger with several USB places for bigger groups or for families. You can load many devices at the same time and there will be no fights over who can load their phone first.


A road trip without tissues is like a nightmare. We are not kidding. Sooner or later during your trip drinks may spill or someone will have a runny nose. With Kleenex, you can clean the car windows if you don’t have anything else or even make starting a campfire easier. We don’t even have to list all the reasons why Kleenex is one of the most important road trip essentials. Just pack them. Believe us it will save you later.


Traveling is tiring for your body and that’s why packing skin creams, lip balm, and other caring products is important. We recommend Chapstick. It won’t take a lot of space from your vehicle but in case of dry lips, it’s easy to find and use. Dry lips are irritating, and we want you to have perfect road trip without any inconveniences


Advil is on our list for similar reasons as Chapstick. Long travel times and changes from your normal life schedule may cause headaches, migraines, or pain. Some people are keener to experience this inconvenience during a road trip while others never have any pains. Pack right number of painkillers and other medicine depending on the people traveling. Ask everyone if they think they will need to relive any unexpected pains during the road trip.

Travel Pillow & Blanket

Sleeping in car or van isn’t as pleasant experience as spending time at home on couch or bed. Take travel pillow and blanket that can be packed to small space with you to the road trip. You can use them in the car if someone wants to sleep while someone else is driving but also during the night to have good sleep before continuing your trip the next morning.


Car windows open, music blasting from the speakers and the whole road trip gang singing along. Doesn’t it sound like a dream for every camper and traveler? To make this dream true you must add a cool playlist to your road trip essentials list. Pack your favorite CDs or be modern and use websites like Spotify to make long playlist together with everyone coming along for the road trip.

Water Bottle

Water is an important part of staying healthy. You shouldn’t skip drinking even if you are on the road. If everyone takes their own water bottles filled, it will be easy to keep drinking. You should drink at least one bottle of water every day. Remember also check if you can use tap water in the destination you’re making the road trip to. If tap water is drinkable, you will save a lot of money having your own water bottle that can be filled again and again.


Thermos goes to a similar category with the water bottle, but it keeps your drink hot or cold. This way you can take drinks like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with you to road trip and not drink them right away. You can even buy hot drinks to thermos from some shops and gas stations. Or when you have drunk the hot drink, you can just fill it up with cold tap water and it will stay refreshingly cool.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are wires that are used to start a car with an empty battery. This may easily happen for anyone during a long road trip. If you have your own jumper cables, you don’t have to try to stop someone who has them too. To start your vehicle with a dead battery you will need just the jumper cables and another working car. When you have your own cables, anyone with a car may help you. Don’t forget to get safety cloves because it’s easy to get shocked from the cars and cables.

First Aid Kit

The last thing we want to share with you on this road trip essentials trip is also the most important one. We hope you will have safe a trip, but you should still be ready for every emergency. That’s why first aid kit is essential. Many cars have already first aid kits, but you should at least make sure that it has everything you may need inside of it. If your vehicle doesn’t have first aid kit, you should buy one right away and leave it in your car permanently.

Now you know some of the most important things to pack for your next road trip. It’s time to start planning and we wish you fun adventure!

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