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Why Route 66 Is So Famous?

Would you love to do a road trip from America’s west coast to east coast or the other way around? Famous Route 66 has served as the perfect road trip destination for locals and world travelers alike for almost hundred years. See Chicago’s lake district, gamble in Las Vegas or walk in the cornfields of Midwest. Highway 66 will show you all the best or at least must to see sides of US.

What is Route 66?

Route 66 also known as the Highway 66 or as US 66 was almost 2,5 thousand miles long road going through US. from Los Angeles to Chicago. Even if officially highway 66 was closed over 30 years ago, it remains to be one of the favorite destinations for American road trips. When Route 66 was officially named it combined three already existing highways and no one could have predicted the popularity that would come with this improvement. The road going through the whole country draw attention even during its beginning days. Highway 66 was used for almost 80 years in 1985 when it was removed from maps after newer faster highway took its place.

Historic Route 66 and its new popularity

Officially speaking there is no highway Route 66 anymore. It was closed and never opened again. However, the roads that once made highway 66 are still as present as on its golden age. The modern route following in the steps of the original Route 66 is called Historic Route 66 but it’s not an official highway. Rather you could call it a tourist attraction restoring the culture of road trips this well-known route once kept alive.

Even if the roads are maintained for tourists who will bring money and wealth for the businesses along the road 66, some parts of the original route aren’t usable anymore. In fact, nowadays you can use several different paths that have their own themes. Just choose the attractions most fitting for your road trip grew to see.  

Road trip through America!

Whatever you were a family of five with a camper van or lonely motorcyclist, Route 66 has something to experience for you and your road trip buddies. It offers the best possible American road trip you could ever ask. Because currently, the route serves as scenic driveway you can easily find idyllic motels but also hotels from the bigger cities on your way. Depending on your holiday's length driving the whole highway 66 could take from two weeks to a whole month. In case you only have a weekend or shorter time than two weeks, consider only driving short part of the road and returning some other time to adventure the rest of the way.

What makes Highway 66 so famous?

Route 66 has been seen in popular culture starting from it’s making days until now. One of the newest ones is the Disney movie Cars called by many fans of this iconic highway as the tribute for Route 66 and its history. The real deal that once made highway so popular was the song “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66” by Nat King Cole. Later, many famous artists have recorded their own version of this anthem for the Route 66 making road trips along the highway even more famous. If driving the Route 66 isn't already on your bucket list, what are you waiting for! There isn't as unique and fun experience to have than drive along the "mother road".

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