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Work As A Freelancer Writer

The demand for freelance writers is very high and many digital nomads begin their remote working career by providing different writing services. This is because freelance writing is by far one of the easiest ways to start earning an income online. With so many clients worldwide actively seeking competent writers to help them with their projects. It is a viable route into a location independent lifestyle.

However with that high demand there is a lot of competition. So be prepared to fight for every client and to offer competitive rates which will enable you to succeed in a fast-paced freelancing environment. If you have the determination and commitment then it can be a very profitable career for those who excel as a freelance writer.

This article will cover the different aspects of freelance writing services, where to begin, where to find clients, examples of projects and the pros and cons of providing writing services.

A freelance writer usually works on a self-employed basis. The more diverse the writer, the more likely they are to find paid work. Being a freelancer can require a certain amount of willpower, self-confidence, self-reliance and resilience. But if you possess those characteristics then becoming involved in the online-writing trade can certainly pay off.

A writer will aim to build a portfolio which will help them to showcase their talents and bid for jobs that are available in the gig economy. There are many different services a freelance writer can sell online.

The most popular online writing services include:

Article/blog post writing

Ghost writing

Content writing


Creative writing

Sponsored posts/Guest posts/reviews

These are all legitimate options that will help you to become a digital nomad. With each service there are basic fundamentals which are:

Article/blog post writing; Writing articles for websites including blogs can be quite profitable. If you gain several long-term clients who publish often then the monthly income can be reasonable.

Ghost writing; this is one of the highest paying service that you can provide as a freelance writer. Completing projects like creating eBooks and hardbacks for clientele is now a very viable source of income. With the influx of platforms like Amazon, lots of people have decided to write books for a living but they simply don’t have the time in their busy lifestyles to do so. That is where a ghost writer comes into the fray. If you can write novels or self-help books in your spare time then offering this service can be very lucrative indeed.

Content writing; writing web content and creating it with savvy SEO strategies is big business. Everybody wants to be ranked highly on Google and other search engines therefore clients will pay good money to a writer who can do it. (Search Engine Optimization) is the way forward as it helps a website to gain traffic. Clientele worldwide are currently searching for quality content writers that can provide this service efficiently.

Copywriting; this activity has been around since the dot.com era and continues to be a great source of income for established writers who know how to write copy that can captivate the readers curiosity and keep their attention. Companies will pay very high rates to a qualified copywriter but it is a very competitive environment that expects fully qualified and experienced writers with media expertise at the helm.

Creative writing; if you are creative and can write short entertaining stories this is another viable option. A creative writer can also find jobs that include writing newsletters, attractive about pages and creating unique email marketing campaigns. There is a lot of work available for the creative mind online.

Sponsored posts/guest posts/reviews; getting paid to write posts on your own website and advertising/reviewing the products and services of others, including working for brands is another big business. Many online retailers and global companies will pay good rates to advertise on your blog/website. There are several blogging resources available that offer writers the opportunity to work with worldwide clientele. Guest posting can provide a reasonable income if traffic flows to the website where you sell your services and people will pay decent rates to feature on your blog if it has a high domain authority.

Alongside the writing services that you provide, if you are a capable freelancer you can also offer editing and proofreading as added benefits to sell to your current clientele. There are many platforms online for a freelance writer to offer their services and some of the most popular are:




People per hour


Joining these websites is the best way to search for clients online. They have worldwide clientele already signed up who are currently seeking freelance writers from the beginner to the academic calibre. You can also start sending pitch emails offering your services to potential clients. And by finding the opportunity to network as much as possible it creates the opportunity for employment. However another option is to create your own freelance website because with that in place you have created the opportunity for clients to come to you.

Freelance writing is an option for anyone who can write with quality. If you have the digital nomad dream but don’t know where to start out in the business. Providing a writing service is a logical entry route. But you must be dexterous and work on your writing skills until you can offer the added services to create several sources of income that will help to fund the nomadic lifestyle. Traveling the world while remote working can be an expensive business but if you can learn new skills and provide them as beneficial services to your clientele it will help you to be successful as a freelance writer.

If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to offer your opinion about working as a freelance writer, then don’t be shy. Voice your thoughts in the comment section & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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